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Working with the guys on the SWAT Team to create a new insignia for Boulder County SWAT Team was awesome! The SWAT Team has always used an owl as their mascot and wanted to create a new original graphic that can be used on patches, shirts, stickers, hats and vehicles. 


Previously Todd had worked with the BCSD to create an insignia for the Bomb Squad. Check out the graphic on the logo design page.

featured project


Client: Tarn Outdoor, headquartered in Whitefish, MT.


The founder of Tarn contacted Todd and asked if he'd be interested in creating a brand mark for Tarn. Todd's response, "What the hell is a "tarn"?


Basically when a high elevation glacier melts it creates a lake, a "tarn". Seeing quite a visual challenge to capture that into a simple clean graphic sparked Todd's curiosity to accept the project and begin the challenge of bringing Tarn to life.